What is TGIFF?

Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday is an interquiltinental intercontinental CanAussie (Canadian-Australian) initiative by M-R of QuiltMatters and Laura of Quokka Quilts.

It started off with a challenge to ourselves to finish some of the Works in Progress (WIPs) we were featuring on WIP Wednesday. We decided we needed to WhIP ourselves into shape and at the same time, encourage each other.

Then we thought, why just the two of us? Why not share the love? Why not have a linky party? (You can't have too many linky parties can you?!) We can celebrate the fabulous finishes out there in the blogosphere, check out some new blogs and meet some new folks. Sound like fun? We think so too. It will be like a mini quilt show every week!

Here's How It Works:
Laura hosts the first Friday of the month and M-R hosts the second. That leaves the third, fourth and sometimes fifth Friday free for others to host. The schedule of where TGIFF is on the blog.

If you have a finished project to share, link up and pop a TGIFF button on your blog. Even if you don't, each Friday (or Thursday if you're in some parts of the world and up late) you can spend some time admiring and commenting on the other fabulous finishes. We know that your finish will be the best, but you still need to share the love. It’s what quilters do. :)

If you’d like to host a party, link up on the hosting page. Ideally, you would pick a date to host when you think you’d have a finish to share. You’d also need to add the linky party code to your post, which is very easy to set up and free for your first linky party.We'll use this site as a central spot for people to find out where the next rave party is. So that's it. Get those WIPs out!


  1. Hello: This sound very intresting and I would like to link up with you soon.

  2. Hey there. G'day. I'm so glad I found this. I love the Can-Aussie aspect of this. I've been quilting for 13 years in the NWT Canada, then Outback South Australia and now in Southern Ontario. Looking foward to participating with you and perhaps playing host one of these days.

    1. Hi Jen, I can't find any details for you as you are a no reply blogger! Signups are up - if you give me your email address I will send to you.

  3. Hello. I would love to participate on a regular basis! How do I add the button to my blog? I can't quite figure it out. Thanks.