Thursday, April 26, 2012

When A Quilt Monster Has A Dream About a Daisy...

From Creative Bumblebee
it turns that dream into a beautiful quilt. Well, that's my completely fabricated story of how our host Christine's great quilt came to be and I'm sticking to it. But why don't you check it out for yourself at Quilt Monster in my Closet (another awesome blog name!) and link up any recent finishes of your own? It's time for TGIFF!

I can't believe found an image of a monster and a daisy together! Ah, the wonders of Google Images. And how cute are they? This is a felting kit offered by Maria Dent from Creative BumbleBee.

Have a great weekend everyone and happy quilting!


  1. How awesome is that! monster and a daisy. Love it! Thanks for letting me host tgiff!

  2. too cute!

    I am kicking myself again! This is 2 Friday's in a row I have spaced off sharing the quilt that I finally finished! Too many irons in the fire is my downfall and my brain is too fuzzy to remember it all.