Hosting TGIFF!

Would you like to host a TGIFF? Want to be a hostess with the mostest (linkies)?

You can sign up HERE.

In the meantime, read on for more information about hosting a party so you know what to expect!

Got a TGIFF! Date?

Congrats, you're hosting TGIFF! Now, before you start hyperventilating about setting up a linky party, it is very easy. If for some reason, disaster strikes and you can't host, please email us as soon as possible so we can find someone else to host as we'll (and others) will be sending people to your blog.

Tips and Tricks for a Great Party:

1) Let your readers know that you are hosting early enough so that they can participate. Ideally, you'd do a post on Monday or Tuesday of the week you are hosting that includes the button and a link to the main TGIFF! main page for people to find more information about the party.

2) Include the TGIFF! button in your post and/or on your sidebar.

3) If you don't have an InLinkz account, set one up a couple of days ahead of your party. The first Thumb link party is free, but you still need to set up an account. Text link ups are always free so you have that option too.

4) Set up your linky party. InLinkz has a short video tutorial on how to do it. It really is straightforward and easy! To make this party as convenient for folks all around the world, please set your party to run from Thursday evening EST to midnight Friday EST or even 3 a.m Saturday EST to get all of the Americas time zones. Once you've set it up in InLinkz, they will give you the party code to put in the code side of your post. Copy and paste it in your post. If you preview your post, you'll see a little InLinkz thing, but you won't see the Create a Link button until the party starts.

5) For your party post, welcome participants and visitors and include the details of your finish first. To introduce the linky party section, please encourage participants to include a link back to the party and to take some time to look at and comment on the other participants' posts. Some sample language:
  • Link up those fabulous finishes here and don't forget to tour the other finishes and spread the comment love! Please include a link and/or button for TGIFF! (it's just over there in the right hand sidebar) so your visitors can see other fab finishes.
6) Go live with your post Thursday night EST/Friday morning CDT in Australia and doublecheck that the "Create a Link" is live.

That's it -- you're hosting a party! Now go have fun and visit the participants' links and comment away. You can put one of these host buttons on your sidebar, if you like!

Thanks for hosting!

Other ideas to promote your party:
  • If you see a finish while blog browsing, invite the quilter to link up to the party.
  • We will put a blog post up on the TGIFF! main page on the Monday or Tuesday letting people know that you will host. If you want to write that post, just send us the text and we'll happily put it in.
  • Ask some of your bloggy friends to include in their posts that you will be hosting TGIFF!
  • Tweet it, put up a Facebook status, or send an email to your bloggy friends.  
If you have any other ideas, let us know!


  1. what time to post EST on Thursday please

  2. Hi girls,
    I'm supposed to host this next week. Can you tell me if I need to send my post ahead to you all or how I approach this- I'm a virgin linky party hoster lol!

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