Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Precious TGIFF! Over at Plum and June

Beware all, Beth tried to pull a fast one on us, but her plan for blogosphere domination has been uncovered! 

If you read the last letter of each word of her first two paragraphs of her TGIFF! post over at Plum and June and then jumble them about 50 times and replace half of the letters, you'll find her cleverly disguised subliminal message, "We swears…to serve the quilter of the Precious, we will swear on...on…the Precious!"

That's cheeky, Beth, real cheeky! Sure, you can blame it on Gollum, but your daughter better hope Gollum doesn't see that fabulous bag you made for her or he'll be stealing her Precious bag to hide his Precious ring. Well, I'm onto you, Beth! And I'll be following your every post...

Go on, check it out for yourself and link up your own recent finish. And check out the other precious finishes...just don't steal any, 'kay? It's not that kind of party.

Happy Friday all!

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