Thursday, September 10, 2015

TGIFF! Is Kind, Is Loving, Is Warm...

And is over at What a Hoot Quilts with Lynette this week! Head on over with your finishes to link up.  Check out Lynette's beautiful Be Attitudes quilt!

Enjoy being! XO


  1. Hey, M-R - is there a place for this week's TGIFF (18th)? I can edit my finish post today to host if you'd like. Kinda weird since I did it last week, though, so if someone "better" is available, no offense here!

  2. Hopefully I've done the right thing - since I fortunately posted a finish report this week as well, and the current post directs folks to that page, I did put a TGIFF linky on the post. Glad to step in - happy to edit things again today if this wasn't the right thing to do. :)