Tuesday, November 1, 2011

WIP, Questions and a reminder...

Well, i have my TGIFF project finished and ready to go - miracles DO happen! It's my turn to host this Friday so drop by, say hi, and link up if you have a finish :)

So my big question is which WIP next? The oldest? The closest to finished? The current favourite? The NEW must do for next year secret projects?

Ok, one is maybe not so secret - can you guess what and why this is a 2012 project? :)

The other planned project is a quilt along. I don't think i'll launch till next year for a few reasons, but I'd like to know:
For QALs, do you prefer a flickr pool or a linky party?

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  1. Congratulations on being finished on Wednesday. I would do whichever project really inspires you.

    I'm still thinking about next year's project - waht and why!

    I prefer linky but that's just me!

  2. Ooo... I know, I know! I bet it ends up pretty bloody cute too.

    I think I prefer links - because I'm always too lazy to go to flickr. I should work on that.

    Looking forward to your TGIFF post though I think I might know what it is. ;)

  3. I am still trying to figure it, can I have a clue?