Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All quiet on the Western front...

Is it me or are things quietening down in the blogosphere?

Sew Modern Monday is in recess for the summer holidays (SUMMER WHERE I AM, CHILLED WHITE WINE IN THE SWIMMING POOL ANYONE?).

WIP Wednesday is in abeyance.

But never fear, TGIFFriday is still here!

Well, it's actually going to be over at Quilt Matters this Friday. So get your weekly dose of linky party there and spread the word. (WARNING: DO NOT READ THIS BLOG ENTRY if you don't want to be singing the Sound of Music tunes).

Then on December 16, one of the funniest ladies in quilting blogland, Lucy at Charm About You (I thought that was Singlish - Singaporean English when I first saw the title, but it's not) will be hosting the following week. Have you seen the zipper pouch she made? She's making me one to ensure nothing goes wrong with her TGIFF linky party out of the goodness of her heart. (Hint hint).

December 23 we will have the party here to round off the year.

Oops, no, not quite. December 30 is a Friday and Jess at LifeUnderQuilts will be hosting. My bad.

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas!

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  1. swimming pool??! You could swim anywhere outside with all the rain we're having here!! You are so funny! Better send me your address quick while I'm still in gift mode ;) x