Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Spring in Our Step

With Spring on its way north of the equator (woo hoo!), we're heading to Scotland this week for TGIFF! Rhianon @ The Nifty Stitcher is our hostess with the mostest this fine Friday. She has an absolutely stunning quilt she made for her sister. It will definitely put a spring in your step when you see it. Check it out and link up one of your own recent finishes!

Since I mentioned Rebecca Black last week, I thought I'd share her Friday video with you this week. Apologies in advance if this becomes your earworm today! Hee hee!

Happy Friday all!


  1. Hahahaha this should be the TGIFF anthem ;)

  2. I'm late getting my post up today but at least I got one in this week!
    You know, I've still not finished the quilt I wanted done when I hosted last fact, I only have 3 rows completed.
    Do you know much about the pinterest button? From what I see, if you want it to go to your blog post you have to submit the post then edit it to add the button.
    I put the link to the TGIFF picture in my pinterest under blogs to follow. Now I'm wondering if I should have linked up the picture of the walker bags? That wouldn't be blogs to follow, but crafts....or maybe I should have put a pin it by each one?