Thursday, March 8, 2012

TGIFF! is on over at Quilt Matters

Before you head over to check out the finishes and link up your own, I thought you'd get a kick out of this video by Katy Perry, if you haven't already seen it. With guest appearances by Glee cast members, Kenny G, Corey Feldman, Debbie Gibson and Rebecca Black (who the heck is Rebecca Black?), who doesn't want to relive Last Friday Night? All I can say is that I'm really glad Facebook wasn't around when I was in high school or university. ;)


  1. Undoubtedly Rebecca Black is a chick that wrote a song called "Friday" that became one of those viral videos. I tried to watch it one time; not a great song!

  2. So that's her claim to fame? I saw that video too and couldn't figure out why it was so popular. I was wondering if she was a Disney actress or something doing a video. Well, she can still sing better than me!