Thursday, March 13, 2014

TGIFF! Is Going March Madness Over at Quilt Matters

It's still cold and blustery here in Ottawa; -15C with a windchill of -28C this morning. It warmed up though to -10C with a windchill of -17C this afternoon. Positively balmy, really. ;) Perfect for skiing!

After I shovelled the 15 cm dump of snow yesterday from our driveway earlier today, I consoled myself with this video:

Enjoy and then come link up your finish and tour the other inspiration for this week's TGIFF! over at Quilt Matters. And, if you're from these parts, know that one day it really will be +1C here. Probably not in the next seven days, but someday...we hope.

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  1. RM is one of my favorite shows... As well as This hour has 22 Minutes!!!